In this video, we will be going through some quick tips on how to start your own vlog. We will be going over what a vlog is? What Cameras should you use? This is to help get you and your vlog up and running. I know starting out can be scary but dive in and figure out what kind of vlog you want to make because the most important part of a vlog is you! So be you, and be passionate the rest will follow.

Adam Cooper

Adam Cooper

I was born in England and moved to Canada in 2010 - Even as a kid, I have always been a big fan of movies and video. I still have my old camcorder that used those small video tapes, which back then meant no editing. I loved trying to tell stories using video.

Fast forward to being an adult living in a new country trying to find my feet in my new hometown, and I kept thinking there should be a video guide somewhere. After 4 years of being a realtor and being active and living in Halifax, I decided that I was going to make a community vlog all about Halifax, Nova Scotia and My Halifax was born.

It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

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