In this episode of the “10/4 @ R4 Podcast”, our guest is Mike Schneider, CEO and Co-founder of First.

Jesse and I recorded 22 episodes of the podcast at R4, and the episode we were most excited for … was this one! For the second year in a row, (booj in 2019) Adam Contos introduced a world-class real estate technology company acquired by RE/MAX LLC from the main stage at RE/MAX R4.

This year’s announcement was the acquisition of First. First, as explained by Mike Scheider, uses data science, machine learning and human interaction to analyze an agent’s contacts and identify those most likely to sell in the coming months.

The app helps agents spend less time hunting for business and more time building it. According to Mike, agents miss about 70 percent of the deals within their network. First closes that gap and makes it easier for RE/MAX agents to know when people in their database are ready to sell their home.

“This tech was so good and so different that we bought the company.” ~ Nick Bailey, RE/MAX CCO 

“With First, we found next-level talent, combined with a game-changing service, delivering exclusive access to one of the best products for agents out there today.” ~ Adam Contos, RE/MAX CEO

We were blown away with the opportunities that First creates for agents to grown their business. Then we got to meet Mike … we were even more impressed by the humans behind this incredible technology, exclusively for RE/MAXers. 

During the “R4 Rapid 4”, Mike reveals a newly discovered skill that would come in handy in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

The “10/4 @ R4 Podcast” was recorded “Live” at RE/MAX R4 2020 from the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Michael Thorne

Michael is the voice to so many. While an energetic equal to Jesse in all senses, Michael is more often behind the scenes than at the center of the frame. A skilled facilitator, Michael wears his heart on his sleeve. Anyone close enough to see it can witness Michael’s heart skip a beat anytime he makes a difference, however small, in someone’s life.

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