In this episode of the “Real Estate Coffee Shop Podcast”, our guest is Tony Joe of the Prime Real Estate Team and RE/MAX Island Properties in Victoria, BC.

Tony started his real estate career when teams were extremely rare. After more than 10 years as a solo agent, he started to build the pieces that would become the Prime Real Estate Team. We explore the benefits of teams for both new agents and seasoned veterans. As the market shift continues, Tony sees the systems, education and mentorship the teams provide becoming more valuable to agents. 

In this week’s “Bean There, Done That” Tony spills the beans on the importance of “being out there” face-to-face with people in the community.

The interviews, masterminds and chats over coffee I’ve had with some of the brightest minds in the real estate industry have had a huge impact on my 29-year real estate career. In this Podcast, I invite you to pull up a chair and join me and my guests as we discuss a wide range of real estate topics.

You can follow the series here or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Join us again next week for a new episode. Thanks for listening.

The Real Estate Coffee House podcast is hosted by Michael Thorne and brought to you by the Thorne Maisey Bongers Real Estate Group of RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty in Langley, BC.


Michael Thorne

Michael is the voice to so many. While an energetic equal to Jesse in all senses, Michael is more often behind the scenes than at the center of the frame. A skilled facilitator, Michael wears his heart on his sleeve. Anyone close enough to see it can witness Michael’s heart skip a beat anytime he makes a difference, however small, in someone’s life.

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